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MaatBey Publishing
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Brother Rakem Ma’at Bey began publishing in 2018 with, The Koranic Study Guide: a guidance for interpreting the Moorish Holy Koran. Since, he has published several titles all with the focus on propagating practical Islamism, as the Prophet and first generation Moorish-Americans.


Bro. Rakem Bey has taken the thorny path through life. He toiled years in the Maryland DOC. There finding the Prophet and following the Prophet for over twenty years via various Grand Bodies.

Bro. Rakem Bey strives to live all aspects of life accordingly to Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice; to continually hold title of ‘Faithful.’ Authoring books is one other avenue he sees as living the life and giving back to the Moorish Community that raised him from being a nigger to a Moorish American Moslem.

Bro. Rakem Bey holds a BA from the University of Maryland; a Master’s Degree and a MBA from University of Maryland Global Campus.

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